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Hi-I only drink your green tea with passionfruit- love it!! but cannot  find it in supermarkets.  I've tried other green/flavour teas but yours is superior!!!! hope you can help- thanks - Beth

I just want to thank you for your generous supply of teas. The taste is amazing! The black grapefruit tea is beautiful.Audrey

I got them just now! Absolutely devine, thank you, have told my roommates to try them too! The pear and passionfruit sample you put in is escpecially delightful. Most satisfied

I just had to write to you to let you know how much I LOVE your green tea! I can't live without it and I have recently been to every Woolworths store in my area to find that no one has any in stock. Anyway, I am so glad that you have your Online shop as I would devastated if I couldn't purchase another box of tea!


I love the teas and will be ordering again and have recommended your products to alot of my colleagues. We are addicted to the Gren Tea and Peach at the moment.Kelly

Hi - our office staff at NQBP in Mackay really love your organic green tea and buy it when it is available in local supermarkets. Kristine

I absolutely love your peach green tea, the first thing I do when I get up in the morning is sit on my little apartment balcony with a giant mug and two teabags of your fabulous tea! Annie

First up let me say how amazing your tea is. I only discovered your brand about four months ago and I'm so glad that I did. That perfect balance that all other fruit teas seem to miss. It took ten years to find you but now you can consider me a complete addict. In a good way...
Thank you for making such a beautiful tea. I've tried nearly all of them now but Peach is still my favourite. Passionfruit is a close second. James

I would like to compliment you on the fantastic tasting tea. Elizabeth

I received my teas from you.  Thank you very much.
I am now in heaven and enjoying the different flavours very much. Nola

Hey noeleen ,love your passionfruit tea. Steve

I never do this but feel inclined to write and let you know that I'm consistently amazed by the quality of your tea. And I just wanted to tell you how much pleasure I get from Australian Fruit Tea company. My best friend knowing my love for tea and living far away, he sent me a box of your teas. I have been hooked ever since. I have finally discovered real tea. And Thank You for that!  Violeta

I am a big fan of quality tea and blended teas and love to try different varieties.  I have now tried both your black and green teas in several different flavours and have to say that they are all very good. The quality is definitely there and the flavours are so real it is like I just added fresh fruit to the teas! I can’t say I have a favourite as they all taste so good but if I had to choose, I would say the Apple or the Berries and Orange! I leave the teas at work and really look forward to coming in for my first cup of tea every morning. Will it be green or black this morning, and will it be raspberry, grapefruit or blackberries and orange that I should try? I really do love it all.  Thanks for making such a good quality product.
All the best,

Thankyou so much for the Green and black Mango tea Noelene! The green tea mangois my favourite of all the flavours. I don't drink black tea but I have shared it around with friends and they love it.

Trying to join your loyalty program as i hav fallen in love with your tea. Sarah

i am a little fussy as I don't like sweet teas but enjoy those that have a hint of flavour.  Sue

An organic range of fruit teas please and I will be your customer till the day I die

i was pleasantly surprised with the passionfruit flavour and handed out some to my friends too.

I have been buying your passionfruit green tea from Woolworths at Menai 2234 nsw and they have run out and I was told they are not restocking.  Can you tell me where I can buy it now.  I think your range of teas is beautiful. I love the passionfruit the most.

I check my local safeways/woolworths frequently waiting for the arrival of your teas. I really want your berry teas already!!
How much longer till they are stocked in Eltham Safeway???Amanda

I have been a great fan of your product Green Tea with Passionfruit, which I have been purchasing from our local Woolworths at Unanderra since I discovered your delicious product.  My husband recently was sent on one of his many errands to woolies to pick me up some of my very favourite tea and was surprised to find none on the shelf and when he enquired as to when more would be available, was told that they were not stocking this item anymore.  I was devastated and have tried all local woolies but to no avail.  Am I able to purchase this beautiful tea anywhere else as I am now in withdrawals.  The funny thing is I was on a recent holiday to the centre of Australia and was able to buy it in Alice Springs, but now cannot buy it locally.  Very Sad.  Hoping you can brighten my day!!

I love the Passionfruit Tea.  Dani

Having been a T2 shopper for ages I found your product on the bottom shelf of our local Coles. I just had to write to let you know the product is sensational & you have a new family of customers for life. We particularly love the Orange & Blackberry, (love it??? its heaven!). We eagerly await any new Citrus / Berry combinations you come up with. Keep up the great work, Russ.

i like your product and it is australian... boy, you have some competition on that safeway shelf....safeway doesn't have all your range...either...Lena

I've just tried your Green Tea with mandarin and love it. I bought it from a Woolworths that wasn't near my house and can't find it at my local woolworths. Diana

I am normally not a fan of 'fruit tea' however, decided to try your Lemon & Kiwi Fruit. It was lovely and you have me hooked! Even my husband commented and has changed from Bushells...please bring your range to Woolworths at Orion centre, Springfield Lakes, Qld. I'm sure you're on a winner!  Cheryl

Your addressing of my feedback comments so promptly, indicates to me that the
Australian Fruit Tea Company is in very professional hands.

I had your blackberry and orange tea at the Caboolture Library tea tasting morning and have been addicted ever since.  Lisa